Ancestral Armor of the Ki-Rin
Created by: Ujik-hai
First used by: Shinjo's follower
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

The Ancestral Armor of the Ki-Rin was a gift of the Ujik-hai to the Ki-Rin Clan when they departed from their side. Shinjo never wore it herself, but instead bestowed it on her most favored followers. [1]

Clan Heirloon Edit

When Shinjo was finally los her son and heir was wearing the armor; since that time, the Armor of the Ki-Rin Khan had always been worn by the recognized heir to the Unicorn Clan, or a designated regent when the heir was too young. On two times the bearer of the armor had been stripped by the Unicorn Clan Champion, fleeing alone to take his own life in shame. [1]

Appearance Edit

Of gaijin style, it was colored in the purple, white, and silver hues of the Unicorn Clan and trimmed with furs and leathers. [1]


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