Anbari Khalil 
Anbari Khalil 
Born: Unknown 
Children: Tarya

Anbari Khalil was the Leader of the Ashalan Council of Twelve.

Children Edit

Anbari had a daughter, Tarya, with a gaijin coming from an unknown land. She was the only child born of Ashalan tribes in seven hundred years. [1]

Council of Three Edit

After the dead of Midnight only three of the original Ashalan remained. Midnight's soul entered in the body of Hakim Yamen. He had all the memories of Midnight, and told that the wicked jinn Lord Kaleel would return during the Awakening. [2] The other ensouled was her daughter Tarya. Eventually midnight's soul remained within Balance, an Ebonite who also joined the Council. [3]

External Links Edit


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Preceded by:
Ashalan Champion
? - Present
Succeeded by:

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