Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Gemasu

An'naigako was a bushi of the Mantis Clan.

Demeanor Edit

An'naigako bore a great deal of resentment for the treatment the Mantis received at the hands of the Great Clans. [1]

Karo Edit

An'naigako attained her position as Yoritomo's karo when her brother, Gemasu, was killed during one of the frequent pirate attacks in 1123. [1]

Hunting Pirates Edit

Both Yoritomo and An’naigako were convinced that their supposed allies, the Crane, were behind the attacks. She was attached to a group of Emerald Magistrates who were seeking the pirates, [2] who eventually discovered that Matsu Shindoku was the true responsible. [3]

Brother's soul Edit

In the way back with the pirates defeated and apprehended, the ship was attacked by yorei, included Gemasu's ghost. Her brother had failed in their duty to protect the cargo entrusted by Yoritomo, the fabled sword Chukandomo, and they had haunted the pirates who had stolen the blade. The sword was given to Gemasu, so his soul could be put to rest. Shindoku was cut down by Gematsu when the Lion attempted to take Chukandomo, and the yorei disappeared afterwards. [4]

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