Amulet of the Soshi Sisters
Created by: Soshi Taoshi
First used by: Soshi Uidori, Soshi Yukimi, Soshi Miroko
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Amulet of the Soshi Sisters were simple silver amulets created by the Soshi Daimyo Soshi Taoshi. Before he left to fight in the War of Spirits Taoshi gave them to his daughters, Soshi Yukimi, Soshi Uidori, and Soshi Miroko. Each amulet was different, bearing the symbol of an eye (Yukimi), a hawk in flight (Uidori), or a sheathed dagger (Miroko). The amulets only worked for Soshi family members, and allowed each wearer to communicate telepathically with the wearers of the other two amulets regardless of distance or obstruction. [1]


  1. Secrets of the Scorpion, pp. 57-58

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