Ambition's Debt was a Jade Legal expansion jade legal of Legend of the Five Rings Card Collectible Game. It depicted the death of Onnotangu and ascension of a mortal, Hitomi, to the Heavens as Lady Sun. An assembled Rokugani army led by Kami Shinjo marches to assault Otosan Uchi, to remove Toturi I who is under the thrall of the Shadow. In the Lion lands the Kitsu fell to the corruption, and oni fight among their ranks. The set featured starters for the Lion Clan, Naga, and Shadowlands. Included "Clan War Saga" foils reprinting older cards.

Preceded by:
Honor Bound
Succeeded by:
Fire & Shadow

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- A Chance Meeting Action Uncommon
A Chance Meeting-card
- Ashigaru Levies Action Common
Ashigaru Levies-card
- Bloodspeaker's Deal Action Uncommon
Bloodspeaker's Deal-card
- Concede Defeat Action Common
Concede Defeat-card
- Costly Alliance Action Common
Costly Alliance-card
- Critical Duel Action Common
Critical Duel-card
- Dangerous Terrain Action Common
Dangerous Terrain-card
- Dark Energy Action Rare
Dark Energy-card
- Darkness Within Action Common
Darkness Within-card
- Dead Eyes Action Uncommon
Dead Eyes-card
- Defensible Position Action Common
Defensible Position-card
- Denying the Emperor Action Rare
Denying the Emperor-card
- Dirty Politics Action Rare
Dirty Politics-card
- Dying Effort Action Rare
Dying Effort-card
- Entrench Action Uncommon
- Footsteps of Madness Action Rare
Footsteps of Madness-card
- Forethought Action Rare
- Forward, March! Action Common
Forward, March!-card
- Honor, Bah! Action Rare
Honor, Bah!-card
- Honor's Cost Action Uncommon
Honor's Cost-card
- Imperial Summons Action Common
Imperial Summons-card
- In Search of the Future Action Common
In Search of the Future-card
- Infantry Square Action Common
Infantry Square-card
- Judgment of Toshiken Action Uncommon
Judgment of Toshiken-card
- Kakita Teacher Action Uncommon
Kakita Teacher-card
- Kolat Bookkeeping Action Uncommon
Kolat Bookkeeping-card
- Night of Three Stars Action Common
Night of Three Stars-card
- Oath of Courage Action Uncommon
Oath of Courage-card
- Overconfidence Action Common
- Parade Ground Practice Action Common
Parade Ground Practice-card
- Poisoned Action Common
- Poisoned Honor Action Common
Poisoned Honor-card
- Poor Health Action Uncommon
Poor Health-card
- Ravine Action Common
- Storm of Arrows Action Common
Storm of Arrows-card
- Strong Words Action Uncommon
Strong Words-card
- Summoning the Moon Action Rare
Summoning the Moon-card
- Swifter Arrow Action Uncommon
Swifter Arrow-card
- Tactical Maneuvers Action Uncommon
Tactical Maneuvers-card
- The Prophecies Action Rare
The Prophecies-card
- The Sun in Shadow Action Uncommon
The Sun in Shadow-card
- Touching the Void Action Uncommon
Touching the Void-card
- Uncertainty Action Common
- Way of the Zokujin Action Common
Way of the Zokujin-card
- Woodland Reserves Action Common
Woodland Reserves-card
- Shiryo no Kaze Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Kaze-card
- Shiryo no Takuan Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Takuan-card
- Shiryo no Yasuki Ancestor Rare
Shiryo no Yasuki-card
- Yokai no Junzo Ancestor Fixed
Yokai no Junzo-card
- Assault on Otosan Uchi Event Common
Assault on Otosan Uchi-card
- Bitter Destiny Event Rare
Bitter Destiny-card
- Calm Winds Event Uncommon
Calm Winds-card
- Death of Onnotangu Event Rare
Death of Onnotangu-card
- Declaration of War Event Uncommon
Declaration of War-card
- Dragon's Strength Event Uncommon
Dragon's Strength-card
- Plague of Locusts Event Uncommon
Plague of Locusts-card
- Recovering the True Tao Event Uncommon
Recovering the True Tao-card
- The Fallen Lion Fortress Event Rare
The Fallen Lion Fortress-card
- Troll Raiders Event Uncommon
Troll Raiders-card
- Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness Event Uncommon
Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness-card
- Unmaker's Shadow Event Rare
Unmaker's Shadow-card
- War Weary Event Uncommon
War Weary-card
- Greensnake Follower Common
- Mantis Marine Troops Follower Rare
Mantis Marine Troops-card
- Naga Spies Follower Uncommon
Naga Spies-card
- Obake Follower Uncommon
- Ratling Archers Follower Uncommon
Ratling Archers-card
- Scorpion Courtiers Follower Rare
Scorpion Courtiers-card
- Shugenja Students Follower Uncommon
Shugenja Students-card
- Temple Guard Follower Uncommon
Temple Guard-card
- The Damned Follower Common
The Damned-card
- The Legion of Two Thousand Follower Rare
The Legion of Two Thousand-card
- Tsuruchi's Legion Follower Rare
Tsuruchi's Legion-card
- Undead Cavalry Follower Common
Undead Cavalry-card
- Yabanjin Horsemen Follower Common
Yabanjin Horsemen-card
- Armorer Holding Common
- Barracks Holding Common
- Den of Spies Holding Uncommon
Den of Spies-card
- Family Shrine Holding Common
Family Shrine-card
- Guardian of the Rift Holding Rare
Guardian of the Rift-card
- Large Shrine Holding Common
Large Shrine-card
- Shipyard Holding Common
- Shosuro Dojo Holding Rare
Shosuro Dojo-card
- Tangen's Lies Holding Rare
Tangen's Lies-card
- The Ikoma Histories Holding Uncommon
The Ikoma Histories-card
- The Path of Akodo Holding Uncommon
The Path of Akodo-card
- Baby Ki-Rin Item Rare
Baby Ki-Rin-card
- Bokken Item Common
- Ono Item Uncommon
- Shakoki Dogu Item Rare
Shakoki Dogu-card
- Toturi's Treatise Item Uncommon
Toturi's Treatise-card
- Be the Mountain Kiho Common
Be the Mountain-card
- Finding the Harmony Kiho Uncommon
Finding the Harmony-card
- Hate's Heart Kiho Rare
Hate's Heart-card
- River Around the Hill Kiho Common
River Around the Hill-card
- Shooting-Star Strike Kiho Uncommon
Shooting-Star Strike-card
- Hida Amoro Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Hida Amoro Exp2-card
- Hida Yakamo Experienced 3 Personality Fixed
Hida Yakamo Exp3-card
- Yasuki Nokatsu Experienced Personality Rare
Yasuki Nokatsu Exp-card
- Yasuki Taka Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Yasuki Taka Exp2-card
- Asahina Dorai Experienced Personality Rare
Asahina Dorai Exp-card
- Asahina Tsukiyoka Personality Common
Asahina Tsukiyoka-card
- Kakita Aihara Personality Uncommon
Kakita Aihara-card
- Togashi Hoshi Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Togashi Hoshi Exp2-card
- Togashi Shinseken Personality Uncommon
Togashi Shinseken-card
- Yoshi Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Yoshi Exp2-card
- Ikoma Ryozo Exp2 Personality Rare
Ikoma Ryozo Exp2-card
- Ikoma Tsanuri Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Ikoma Tsanuri Exp2-card
- Ikoma Yosei Personality Uncommon
Ikoma Yosei-card
- Matsu Daoquan Personality Common
Matsu Daoquan-card
- Matsu Mori Personality Common
Matsu Mori-card
- Isawa Kaede Experienced 2 Personality Rare
Isawa Kaede Exp2-card
- Isawa Mitori Personality Uncommon
Isawa Mitori-card
- Shiba Kyukyo Personality Common
Shiba Kyukyo-card
- Shiba Odoshi Personality Uncommon
Shiba Odoshi-card
- Moto Soro Experienced Personality Rare
Moto Soro Exp-card
- Shinjo Shono Personality Common
Shinjo Shono-card
- Ashlim Experienced Personality Rare
Ashlim Exp-card
- Bakeneko Kiho Common
- Bayushi Aramasu Experienced Personality Rare
Bayushi Aramasu Exp-card
- Bayushi Urei Personality Common
Bayushi Urei-card
- Botsumoku Personality Common
- Goju Utsuei Personality Common
Goju Utsuei-card
- Gyosho Personality Uncommon
- Hirariko Experienced Personality Rare
Hirariko Exp-card
- Hoshi Kumonosu Personality Common
Hoshi Kumonosu-card
- Ichiro Kihongo Personality Uncommon
Ichiro Kihongo-card
- Ikudaiu Experienced Personality Rare
Ikudaiu Exp-card
- Issut Personality Common
- Kage Experienced 4 Personality Rare
Kage Exp4-card
- Kitsune Diro Experienced Personality Rare
Kitsune Diro Exp-card
- Kukanchi Personality Common
- Moetechi Personality Common
- Nue Personality Common
- Olyah Personality Uncommon
- Orschat Personality Common
- Otomo Shishi Personality Common
Otomo Shishi-card
- Oyuchi Personality Uncommon
- Roshungi Personality Uncommon
- Ruantek Personality Common
- Seppun Mashita Personality Common
Seppun Mashita-card
- Shadow Beast Personality Common
Shadow Beast-card
- Shiyokai Personality Uncommon
- Shosuro Yudoka Personality Uncommon
Shosuro Yudoka-card
- Suana Experienced Personality Rare
Suana Exp-card
- Tohaku Experienced Personality Rare
Tohaku Exp-card
- Toichi Personality Uncommon
- Tonbo Toryu Personality Common
Tonbo Toryu-card
- Yokatsu Personality Rare
- Yoritomo Chujitsu Personality Uncommon
Yoritomo Chujitsu-card
- Yoritomo Furikae Personality Common
Yoritomo Furikae-card
- Yosuchi Personality Common
- Akodo Fields Region Uncommon
Akodo Fields-card
- Carpenter Pass Region Uncommon
Carpenter Pass-card
- Exile's Road Region Rare
Exile's Road-card
- Forgotten Lands Region Rare
Forgotten Lands-card
- Imperial Highway Region Common
Imperial Highway-card
- Last Stand Plain Region Common
Last Stand Plain-card
- Lookout Mountain Region Common
Lookout Mountain-card
- Morikage Region Rare
- Savaged Fields Region Uncommon
Savaged Fields-card
- Sorrow's Path Region Common
Sorrow's Path-card
- The Gates to Jigoku Region Rare
The Gates to Jigoku-card
- At'tok'tuk Sensei Sensei Rare
At'tok'tuk Sensei-card
- Hiruma Sensei Sensei Rare
Hiruma Sensei-card
- Ikoma Sensei Sensei Uncommon
Ikoma Sensei-card
- Kage Sensei Sensei Uncommon
Kage Sensei-card
- Kuro Sensei Sensei Rare
Kuro Sensei-card
- Nio Sensei Sensei Rare
Nio Sensei-card
- Norikazu Sensei Sensei Rare
Norikazu Sensei-card
- Yori Sensei Sensei Rare
Yori Sensei-card
- Yoritomo Sensei Sensei Uncommon
Yoritomo Sensei-card
- Yoshi Sensei Sensei Uncommon
Yoshi Sensei-card
- Celestial Gift Spell Uncommon
Celestial Gift-card
- Fortune's Turn Spell Common
Fortune's Turn-card
- Kuro's Fire Spell Rare
Kuro's Fire-card
- Void's Path Spell Rare
Void's Path-card
- The Kitsu Tombs Stronghold Fixed
The Kitsu Tombs-card
- The New Akasha Stronghold Fixed
The New Akasha-card
- The Spawning Ground Stronghold Fixed
The Spawning Ground-card

Reprinted Cards Edit

Number Name Type Rarity Image
- Arrows from the Woods Action Fixed
Arrows from the Woods-card11
- Block Supply Lines Action Fixed
Block Supply Lines-card39
- Charge Action Fixed
- Deadly Ground Action Fixed
Deadly Ground-card20
- Diversionary Tactics Action Fixed
Diversionary Tactics-card14
- Frenzy Action Fixed
No Image
- Higher Ground Action Fixed
No Image
- Kolat Assassin Action Fixed
No Image
- Narrow Ground Action Fixed
No Image
- Refugees Action Fixed
- Superior Tactics Action Fixed
Superior Tactics-card17
- Test of Might Action Fixed
Test of Might-card13
- Traversable Terrain Action Fixed
No Image
- Ashigaru Follower Fixed
- Goblin Sneaks Follower Fixed
Goblin Sneaks-card4
- Medium Infantry Follower Fixed
No Image
- Naga Bushi Follower Fixed
Naga Bushi-card11
- Naga Spearmen Follower Fixed
Naga Spearmen-card9
- Swamp Spirits Follower Fixed
No Image
- Zombie Troops Follower Fixed
No Image
- Black Market Holding Fixed
Black Market-card8
- Copper Mine Holding Fixed
No Image
- Corrupted Iron Mine Holding Fixed
Corrupted Iron Mine-card7
- Corrupted Silver Mine Holding Fixed
Corrupted Silver Mine-card7
- Forest Holding Fixed
No Image
- Jade Works Holding Fixed
No Image
- Pearl Bed Holding Fixed
No Image
- Pearl Divers Holding Fixed
Pearl Divers-card8
- Hida Unari Personality Fixed
Hida Unari-card6
- Hiruma Yoshi Personality Fixed
No Image
- Ikoma Ryozo Personality Fixed
No Image
- Kitsu Okura Personality Fixed
No Image
- Goblin Wizard Personality Fixed
No Image
- Isha Personality Fixed
No Image
- Kyoso no Oni Personality Fixed
No Image
- Moto Sada Personality Fixed
Moto Sada-card4
- Naga Shugenja Personality Fixed
No Image
- Ogre Bushi Personality Fixed
No Image
- Oni no Ugulu Personality Fixed
Oni no Ugulu-card3
- Farmlands Region Fixed
No Image
- River Delta Region Fixed
No Image