Amaterasu's Furnace

Amaterasu's Furnace

Amaterasu's Furnace was a volcano in the Shadowlands blessed by Amaterasu, which allowed it to remain pure and free of the taint. Amaterasu blessed the area after the death of her son Hida who had entered the Shadowlands in 210 to find and kill his lost son Hida Atarasi. [1]

Appearance Edit

A great crack in the earth descended for miles, at the bottom a molten lake boiled and surged. Surrounding the crack, fissures vented billowing clouds of steam hot enough to scald flesh from bone in seconds. [2]

Portal to Gaki-do Edit

Within the Furnace was a passageway to Gaki-do. [3] The path was long and only the virtous could survive its flames and enter the realm of the hungry dead. [4]

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