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Althira was an Ashalan Priestess and sahir. He was possibly a member of the Council of Twelve.

Ashalan Edit

Althira was one of the ruling body of the Ashalan. [1]

Insane Shilah Edit

Althira believed Shilah, Lady Sun, was insane the Day of Wrath and the Ashalan had to awake Lord Moon. Only in this way the balance would be restored. [2]

Midnight Edit

A member of the Council of Four, Midnight, was returning with important information. He was chased a jinn of the Kaleel's Legion. During the chase Midnight took a human with him, Hakim Yamen, of the Houses of Dahab, who was used as vessel of Midnight's soul after he was defeated by the jinn. [1]

Hakim Yamen Edit

Hakim was ensouled, and would be accepted as part of the Council upon he passed the Test of the Ebon Stone. Hakim, who had all of Midnight's memories, told Kaleel would return during the Awakening. [1]

External Links Edit

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