al-Rashid of House Rashid was a lithe and athletic man of the Burning Sands, his body typically swathed in desert robes. [1]

Obligation to the Qolat Edit

Al-Rashid was an honorable man who found himself in the servitude to the deceitful al-Hazaad. He pledged to serve the Qolat Master forever in exchange for the Master interventing on the behalf of his family who were facing execution for crimes they were innocent of. The plan was successful and his family was spared, but some time later they were wiped out by an unknown enemy making his sacrifice pointless.

A student of gaijin warfare, Al-Rashid was sent to Rokugan by al-Hazaad to introduce gaijin strategies to the Unicorn Clan who were favored by the Kolat. Close to the beginning of the Second Day of Thunder Al-rashid found himself advising the likes of Toturi and Hida Yakamo. [2]

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