Testing a candidate to Akutsukai

Akutsukai, a "servant of evil", were heavily tainted semi-human servants of Fu Leng who had underwent a horrible transformation. [1]

Appearance Edit

Their body changed as it could no longer contain the corruption. For several week they mutated, limbs growing and disappearing, sores opening across their bodies, alternating between catatonic pain and frenzied rage. This process could not easily endured outside the Shadowlands, and if it happened the person usually died. [1]

Ritual Edit

The Akutsukai were tainted individuals that wandered in the shadowlands. They were found by their superiors and tested their worthy near the Festering Pit of Fu Leng. It ended with them pouring the Fu Leng's blood directly into their veins, creating a black wound which never closed. Some were so degradated who became skeletal. They did not age, and no longer acquired Taint, regenerated during sleep, and subsisting on the corrupted food and water of the Shadowlands. [2] Failures were fed to oni, and those who passed were trained as Maho Bujin. [3]

Powers Edit

Akutsukai 2


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