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Akodo Yusuke 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Tonbo Yuniko 
Children: Un-named son,
Jirou (born dead)

Akodo Yusuke was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Married Edit

Yusuke was the son of a warrior who died in 1172, in the Battle of Aichi. Yusuke never had the chance to follow his father's footsteps on the battlefield, because the needs of family took over. A political marriage was arranged with Tonbo Yuniko. [1]

Son Edit

In his childbirth's first born Yusuke accepted to follow a Tonbo ritual, to don his wife's clothes and paint his face as a woman. He was deeply embarrased for such practice, and when his son showed no aptitude for the way of a bushi Yusuke blamed on the ritual. He even had not attended his brother's funeral, as funerals were bad luck for expecting parents. In his second's childbirth he refused to follow, and the infant was born dead. Yusuke began to drink too much sake. [1]

Ghost Edit

Yusuke's desire was so great for a true warrior that his dead son's spirit manifested, and grew stronger, draining his mother's life. He began to spar with bokken with his brother, under the name of Jirou. Yusuke eventually realized he was a ghost, and saw his sons fighting each other. Only one survived. Jirou had possessed his brother's body. He was trained by Yusuke, who weakened as Jirou grew stronger. His martial prowess was so great that Yusuke never admitted his first son's body had been possessed. [1]


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