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Akodo Yoruga

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Akodo Yoruga

Akodo Yoruga

Akodo Yoruga was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Demeanor Edit

Yoruga was a selfish man. He served his interests before those of his lord, and even though he was a magistrate he cared little for honor or laws. He was merciless and dishonorable, and a blight upon his ancestors' name. [1]

Father's dead Edit

Yoruga's father died in battle, and the loss demolished Yoruga, who slipped into despair. He began to drank heavily and his longtime friend Togashi Otoshi arrived to keep an eye on him. Otoshi was quick enough to avoid Yoruga committed a non sanctioned seppuku, but the ensuing fight ended with Otoshi turning his back on Yoruga, never to return. [1]

Akodo Kage Edit

The next day Yoruga met his lord Akodo Kage, to demand the right to seppuku. When Yoruga left the building, his mind had changed. Since that day, Yoruga served as a magistrate, a self-serving, angry and insolent. His rage was directed to those he had to protect, but Yoruga was clever enought to only proceed with his wrongdoings when no samurai could spot him. Despite it, Akodo Kage fully backed Yoruga. [1] Yoruga served at Otosan Uchi, living in the Juramashi district. [2]

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