Akodo Yokutsu 
Akodo Yokutsu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 711

Akodo Yokutsu was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Battle of Kyuden Tonbo Edit

Yokutsu was an Akodo general [1] betrothed of Isawa Maroko, but when she married her true love, Mirumoto Asijin in 704, Yokutsu took her act as a betrayal. Yokutsu led an army of 5,000 Lion bushi to where the couple had settled on the southern border of the Dragon lands. When his legion arrived he found both the Dragon and Phoenix armies waiting. The ensuing battle was later known as the Battle of Kyuden Tonbo. Facing imminent defeat, Yokutsu was trying to retreat he was stopped by shugenja and forced into vowing never to harass the couple again. This agreement between the three Clans resulted in the founding of the Dragonfly Clan. [2] [3] Maroko's sister was offered to Yokutsu, if he swore to leave the two newlyweds in peace, but Yokutsu refused. [4]

Battle of the Great Climb Edit

Seven years later in 711 he used an insult by an Agasha ambassador in court as pretext to assault the Dragon lands again. [2] Ikoma Tanshi, a promising young Omoidasu made an impassioned speech on Yokutsu’s behalf, presenting Asijin as a villain. [5] The Emperor declared Maroko's wedding illegal, and that the original bond was still valid. Isawa Maroko was to be immediately granted a divorce, and wed Yokutsu or commit seppuku for staining her family's honor. Yokutsu asked to have her sentence repealed, but to no avail. [4]

Dueling Asijin and Death Edit

It resulted in the Battle of the Great Climb, where Yokutsu demanded that he be allowed to duel Asijin to redeem the honor he lost when Mariko broke her betrothal to Yokutsu. The Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Ayoko made arrangements for the duel between Asijin and Yokutsu. [2] Asijin faced Yokutsu and was slain instantly, never even touching his katana. [6] Previously, a compact had been formed between Asijin and Ayoko; the Dragonfly Clan were to be under the protection of the Dragon clan. The arrogant Yokutsu declared himself the Dragonfly Clan Champion, furthermore, he intended to marry the suddenly widowed Isawa Maroko. The son of Maroko and Asijin, Tonbo Kuyuden immediately challenged Yokutsu and slew him, claming the mantle of Dragonfly Champion. [2]

Retreat Edit

Politically outmaneuvered and leaderless, the Lion forces retreated from the Dragon lands. [2] [6]

Aftermath Edit

Yokutsu was portrayed as a vengeful warmonger, but he only reacted as a samurai, first to the broken vows, and second to an insult. His attempt to make reparations for the bloodshed was his proclaim as Tonbo Daimyo, and when he was challenged by the Shiba-trained duelist Tonbo Kuyuden, Yokutsu knew he would lose the duel, but nevertheless agreed, hoping to end the conflict once and for all. [7]

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In Way of the Minor Clans, pp. 40-41 he is referred to as Akodo Yakutsu. However, as most sources name him Akodo Yokutsu, the latter is most likely the correct form of his name. The CCG Lion ancestor was also named Yokutsu, as in Secrets of the Lion page 29. Oni no Pikachu 23:03, November 25, 2012 (UTC)

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