Akodo Yakume

Akodo Yakume

Akodo Yakume's mother died during childbirth and his father had disappeared while on a mission for the Akodo family. Yakume was raised by his grandparents. [1]

Training Edit

Yakume's grandparent demolished the confidence of the young man, claiming that he would never live up to his parents' greatness. [1]

Manipulated Edit

When he was at his weakest, he met Chisuya, a spy disguised as a geisha. Chisuya manipulated Yakume, showing him how to withdraw, hiding his thoughts, and how to manipulate others. she gave a new inner strength that dared Yakume's teachers. [1]

Station Edit

Yakume was appointed as deputy of the Emerald Magistrate at Kyuden Ikoma, Ikoma Nanako, alongside with other deputy, Mirumoto Kagi. Kagi resented the Lion and undermined him at every opportunity. Despite the Dragon acts, Yakume was instrumental to dismantle a mujina smuggling gang led by an Agasha Shugenja, and the discovery of a Diamond Mine. [1]

Lord's death Edit

News arrived of of his Lord's death within the Beiden Pass fighting a skirmish against Scorpion forces. Yakume guessed it could be connected with Chisuya, who had asked him about his daimyo. [1]

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