Akodo War College

Akodo Tactical School

The Akodo War College was a branch of the Akodo Bushi School dedicated to military history, strategy and tactics and was considered to be one of the most prestigious schools in Rokugan along with the Kakita Duelist Academy.

History Edit

The school established at Shiro Sano Ken Hayai, [1] was formed few generations after the death of Akodo. Akodo personally lead his armies until his death, and following his demise the Lion needed to formally train new officers to supplement those who had been trained by Akodo himself. [2] It was the oldest military institution in Rokugan. [3]

The War College was at first a simple dojo of the Akodo Bushi School, teaching Akodo's lessons with focus on large-scale tacgics rather than an individual combat. Bushi from the Ikoma family integrated the dojo, and their academic ways added history and tactics to the training. [2]

Banishment of the Akodo Edit

Most of their senior staff were lost and the War College almost disbanded, [citation needed] when the Akodo were banished by Hantei XXXIX following the Scorpion Coup. The Ikoma family stepped up to fill the void left by the disgraced Akodo sensei, and were for the most part successful. [4] Under the Ikoma, the school began focusing on larger scale warfare at the expense of small unit tactics. When the Akodo were reinstated, those loyal to the Ikoma split off from the War College and created the Ikoma Tactician school. Since then the Akodo War College focused on training for small-scale tactics while the Ikoma Tactician School provided training in large mass combat scenarios. Both schools were on friendly terms with each other, although some rivalry did exist. [5]

Training Edit

Absolute discipline was mandatory, and even the slightest offenses resulted in brutal punishments. The course of study was divided into physical conditioning and drill (Summer and Fall), classroom studies of bushido and the history of war (Winter), then, finally, application of all they had learned in wargame exercises (Spring). Their instructors were selected from specially trained Gunso and retired bushi. [6] Students of the College were trained extensively in the Art of War, and learned how to lead men in small units, large armies and to organize sieges. It was often said that no Akodo trained general had ever lost a battle; an exaggeration, but one based on the supreme excellence of the school. More than any other Clan, members of the Lion Clan learned from past mistakes, both their own and those made by others within Rokugan. [7] The most exceptional students went on to join the Officer Corps, but every gradúate was immediately assigned to the unit with which he would serve. [6]

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