Akodo Tsurikan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 608 
Parents: Un-named Lion daimyo

Akodo Tsurikan was son of a prominent Lion daimyo and general. [1]

Emperor's Advisor Edit

In summer of 589 his childhood friend Hantei Okucheo became the Emperor Hantei XVI, and recalled Tsurikan to his side as one of his closest advisors, alongside Daidoji Tojo, Hida Tsuneo, Miya Karuo, Shosuro Tsia, and Suzume Kirako. [1]

Enforcer of the Emperor Edit

In 594 Tojo used information about Okucheo's political maneuvers to his own agenda, destroying years of Okucheo's meticulous planning. He was discovered to be guilty of crimes against the Empire, with evidence supplied by Tsuriken and Tsia, and was hanged. In 595 Okucheo declared the Crab Clan Right Hand of the Emperor. This outraged many traditionalist Lion samurai, but Akodo Tsuriken managed to suppress the worst of their unrest. In 608 the Emperor's paranoia deepened, and Tsurikan killed in an ilegal duel his lord's brother Otomo Tsurichi. [2]

Death Edit

This year, during the Imperial Winter Court, Hantei XVI accused Miya Karuo and Akodo Tsuriken of treason and ordered them tortured and executed. [3]


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