Akodo Tsuri 
Akodo Tsuri 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165

Akodo Tsuri was a bushi gunso and scout of the Lion Clan. his grandfather stood beside Toturi on the Second Day of Thunder. Tsuri had defeated Doji Hijime, Moto Tsingao, and Bayushi Rikio in personal combat. [1]

City of the Rich Frog Edit

Tsuri was the yojimbo of Ikoma Kyuso, an Ikoma Spymaster. In 1165 they were involved in the defence of the City of the Rich Frog against the Unicorn Clan. The Emperor Toturi III ordered the Dragon Clan to intervene in the War of the Rich Frog to hinder both Clans. [1]

Death Edit

Kyuso as Lion ambassador was parleying with Mirumoto Kei, the Rikugunshokan of the Dragon army. Kei would not retreat her forces and Tsuri challenged the Dragon samuraiko adopting a Kenjutsu stance. Kei had to accept and swiftly struck Tsuri down. She took the head of Kyuso shortly after, who had to share the fate of his yojimbo, instead to live with dishonor. [1]

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