Akodo Tsanuko 
Born: 1184 
Died: 1199 
Parents: Akodo Masaya,
Akodo Reya 
Children: Akodo Nichiro

Akodo Tsanuko was a samurai-ko of the Lion Clan.

Family's Shame Edit

Tsanuko was daughter of Akodo Masaya and Akodo Reya, and had a younger brother, Akodo Nichiro. She was tormented by Akodo Junpachi during her childhood, and Tsanuko grew bitter and harsh. When she was fourteen years old her father was stripped of his name and thrown out of the Clan for false charges in 1198. The governor Akodo Toshikawa believed Masaya's love for sake was the cause that the rice harvest was lost this year, backed by testimony of Akodo Chichiro. [1]

Seppuku in Protest Edit

Tsanuko completed her gempukku in the Akodo Bushi school the next year, and she protested those allegations with her seppuku. Tsanuko had been granted the blessings of Akodo Dairuko herself, while the Lion Clan Champion was in Unicorn lands. She returned home, and was visited by Akodo Kobi, her father's sensei. Kobi had faked her death years ago to join the Kolat, and wished to recruit her into the conspiracy. Tsanuko refused, and the next day she performed the seppuku ceremony. [1]


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