Akodo Terumoto

Akodo Terumoto

Akodo Terumoto was a bushi and tactician of the Lion Clan.

Training Edit

Terumoto marveled his sensei with his clarity of thought, and he was sent to study at the Akodo War College. Terumoto developed a reputation as a strong unit leader. [1]

Akodo Army Edit

After his gempukku Terumoto received an appointment as a nikutai in the Akodo Army, patrolling the Lion border nearest the Dragon lands. During the War of the Rich Frog Terumoto's unit were recalled to garrison the Castle of the Swift Sword, and later were part of the strategic reserves. Terumoto and his men were never positioned on the front lines of the war. [1]

Toshi Ranbo Edit

After the war ended, Ikoma Korin recommended their unit for honor guard duty in Toshi Ranbo. Terumoto privately viewed it as something of a punishment. Nevertheless, he took the eye of Akodo Setai, and found himself promoted to taisa. In one year he was watching over the Lion estates and training with the Akodo Elite Guard. [1]

Khan's Defiance Edit

When word of the Khan's march reached the Imperial City, Terumoto transformed the Lion estate into a virtual fortress. During the Battle of Toshi Ranbo he and his men finally saw the combat they had craved for. As a result of his heroics there, his men joined the Akodo Elite Guard and Terumoto himself was granted a post in Akodo Shigetoshi's private guard. [1]

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