Akodo Temoru was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Training Edit

Temoru was a friend to Akodo Maouri's father, Akodo Bakusho, Lord of the Ichime Castle. They went together to be trained at the Akodo Bushi school. [1]

Shame Edit

During a border conflict with the Doji Maouri led an ambush against a Scorpion spy in disguise which traveled with an entourage of assassins. She would be pretending to be a noble Doji, which would discredit both sides through deception and lies, until negotiations were broken. When they stroke and killed the woman inside the palanquin they realized she was not a spy, but the daughter of the Doji Daimyo instead. To hide the shame they killed the entourage to a man. The incident sealed the Crane's decision to patrol the territory heavily, making the negotiation a success. [2]

Death at Ichime Castle Edit

Temoru became Bakusho's general until he retired. For years he was reclusive in the castle, but when Maouri was found dead he talked with the Kitsuki Magistrate Kitsuki Kaagi, who was investigating the death. [3] He told the mark was the one of their brotherhood in the Akodo school, and that was not possible to be known by Maouri, because no one had seen it since. [4]

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