Akodo Tekkan 
Akodo Tekkan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166

Akodo Tekkan was a bushi tactician and commander of the third Akodo Legion.

Shogun Supporter Edit

Tekkan fought at the command of Akodo Ijiasu as part of the army of the Shogun, Akodo Kaneka. [1]

Guardian of Lion-Crane Border Edit

Tekkan was stationed in a small military outpost, guarding the Lion-Crane border. When his troops suffered several attacks originated from the Crane town of Hitsu Taekeru he decided to took up occupancy in the city. He claimed its unprotected state was a danger to the Lion border. Tekkan in his heart sought to renew the Blood feud with the Crane, when they considered an insult the seizing of the village. [2]

Death Edit

Tekkan was seriously injured shortly after seizing the city, and died in his sleep a few days after entering the town, killed by heimin servants of Yajinden. The bloodspeaker had been engineering a peasant revolt and had been using the village as the starting point of it. Akodo Sadahige took the Lion command. [3]

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