Akodo Tamisu

Akodo Tamisu

Akodo Tamisu was a bushi Tactician of the Lion Clan. He was appointed as sensei.

Ivory Magistrate Edit

In 1198 Tamisu and Daidoji Tsunehiko were recalled by the Ivory Champion Shinjo Tselu. They were appointed as Ivory Magistrates, and ordered to find and take in custody any copy of the Egg of P'an Ku they could find, so they could be destroyed. Tselu showed them the doppelganger of Shosuro Keirei, as example the eggs were incredibly dangerous. [1]

Seeking the Eggs Edit

Tamisu and Tsunehiko found several people involved with the eggs, as Hida Bakishi, who had copied the monster known as the Devourer, or the duplicate of Yoritomo Saigo. [2]

Iweko Seiken Edit

Tamisu became the commander of the Ivory Legion forces reminded by the Imperial Heir Iweko Seiken after his arrival to the Second City. The eldest son of the Empress had commandeered half of the Second City Guardsmen to his banner, and half of the Ivory Legion as well. Seiken intended to right all the wrongs of the Colonies. [3]

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