Akodo Tamiko 
Born: Unknown 
Spouse: Unnamed 
Children: Unnamed daughter

Akodo Tamiko was a scout of the Lion Clan.

Akodo family Edit

Tamiko's family came from one of the Akodo that were minions of the Shadows but became Akodo after the naming of the Lying Darkness by Hitomi. There were some nights when the dreams came to her, and she would awake with a scream, the faintest memory of the nightmarish time she had spent with no identity of her own. [1]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

Tamiko was ordered to set to fire the ruins of Otosan Uchi, after the city was assaulted by Daigotsu's forces. A shadowy presence appeared and threatened Tamiko to awaken the piece of Nothing inside her soul, which would lead in Tamiko being a faceless minion of the Shadows. They would kill her husband and daughter, if Tamiko did not let part of the city to be safe for a longer time. The Lion turned her group away. The Ninube made these buildings their holding. [1]


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