Akodo Sojuno was Matsu Uji's karo.

Death Edit

Sojuno was seduced by Uji's wife, Shosuro Sushanume into killing his lord. Their plot was discovered, and Sojuno was challenged to a duel by Uji. He managed to kill his lord, but the remorse made Sojuno kill his lover Sushanume, and end his own life. [1]

Alternative Story Edit

Other said that Sushanume was abused and neglected by her husband, and had fallen in love with Sojuno. The honorable samurai came to hate his lord for his abuse of Sushanume. When a jealous hand­maiden betrayed the lovers, Sanjuro was forced to kill Uji in a duel. Overwhelmed with guilt at his dishonor, Sojuno then slew Sushanume and fell upon his own blade. [2]

Play Edit

The tragedy of Sojuno was depicted in Matsu Sinoku's play Mercy, although the play was presented from the point of view of Shosuro Sushanume. [1]


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Sojuno also appeared as Sanjuno in the Way of the Scorpion, and Akodo Sanjuro in Secrets of the Scorpion page 46 Oni no Pikachu 21:53, January 25, 2012 (UTC)

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