Akodo Shinju 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 73 
Parents: Lion father,
Unnamed Shosuro mother

Akodo Shinju, whose name means "pearl", was the best spy of Akodo.

Spy Edit

Shinju was son of a Lion father and a Shosuro mother. His mother taught him everything he knew. [1]

Missions Edit

In the War Against Fu Leng, Akodo faced an army led by three Maho-tsukai. Shinju dressed as them, maple syrup was spread over his chest, and the gashes across his face were Shosuro make-up. He gave to a foe a scroll for the enemy general, Rijutsu. When the scroll was in the commander tent the Akodo Shugenja awoke the fire spirits concealed in the paper. The enemy generals died consumed by the fire. The next day the Akodo's army easily defeated a leadershipless enemy. [2]

After death Edit

Akodo Shinju was considered the greatest spy of the Lion Clan. [3] In the 12th century a Kitsu Shugenja, Kitsu Norinaga, visited Shinju's spirit regularly, and eventually bound him to a tanto. [4]


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