Akodo Shihiro

Akodo Shihiro

Akodo Shihiro was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

War of the Twins Edit

Overseeing the Conflict Edit

Whenthe War of the Twins was allowed by the Empress Iweko I in 1190, the Lion stood with the Scorpion. They not only fought beside them as military advisors, but they also oversaw the Clan of Secrets did not perform a dishonorable behaviour in the battlefield. The Battle of Nikesake in 1191 was considered by Shihiro as one of the most brilliant and skillful battlefield maneuvers, born from a genius mind, Shiba Mitsushen. A smaller force could attack and drive out a larger, entrenched force without resorting to excessive collateral damage. [1]

Lion Left the War Edit

In 1193 a suicidal attack of Scorpion forces reached the enemy general's tent using dishonorable means, and killed Shiba Mitsushen. Despite his death, the Phoenix gained the day following Mitsushen's plan. [1] Shihiro was given a full accounting of the death of Shiba Mitsushen by a Kitsuki, [2] and the accusation was not refused by the Scorpion general, Yogo Haruto, [3] so the Lion ceased all support of the Scorpion offensive in this conflict, and revealed the treachery of their former allies in the battlefield. [4]

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