Akodo Shigetoshi Edit

Akodo Shigetoshi-card

Akodo Shigetoshi

Edition Diamond Edition
Legality Diamond
Traits Lion Clan Samurai • Soul of Seppun Hotaitaka
Text Reaction: Once per turn, after you attach a Follower to Shigetoshi from your hand, draw an additional Fate card during your next End Phase.
Flavor "When Ginawa retires, it is Shigetoshi who will take his place. Tens of thousands await the chance to follow his first command."
Rarity Common
Number 117/488
Card Type Personality
Clan Lion Clan
Force 3
Chi 3
Honor 7
Gold Cost 7
Personal Honor 2
Artist Chris Seaman - [1]

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Akodo Shigetoshi Experienced Edit

Akodo Shigetoshi Exp-card

Akodo Shigetoshi Experienced

Edition Khan's Defiance
Legality Lotus, Samurai
Traits Lion Clan • Daimyo • Samurai • Tactician • Experienced • Unique • Loyal
Text Your Tacticians have the ability, "Tactical Battle: Destory a target Follower or Personality without Followers opposing it."
Flavor "Let us remind them why they fear the Akodo."
Rarity Rare
Number 35/156
Card Type Personality
Clan Lion Clan
Force 4
Chi 3
Honor 6
Gold Cost 9
Personal Honor 3
Artist Chris Seaman - [2]

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