Akodo Senzo

Akodo Senzo

Akodo Senzo was a bushi and a tactician of the Lion Clan.

Kyuden Tonbo Edit

In 1172 Senzo was alongside Akodo Masao during the Destroyer War. They believed a yobanjin of the Army of Fire was toying a Dragonfly farmer with fire, and the peasant was trying to hide behind a boulder. Masao and Senzo trespassed the Dragonfly-Lion border and fired three arrows. One struck the barbarian, buying time to the farmer to flee towar Kyuden Tonbo. They were surprised that the Mirumoto garrison marched to open field and immediately attacked the Lion, leading in the Second Battle of Kyuden Tonbo. The supposed barbarian was an ise zumi aiding the farmer in the removal of a big boulder from his farmlands. [1] It was not known the outcome of the battle, or if both sides realized their mistakes.

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  1. Rulebook Story, (The Dead of Winter)

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