Akodo Senke

Akodo Senke

Akodo Senke was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Training Edit

Senke was born under several auspicious signs, and an accomplished master of the Akodo War College tutored Senke privately. The sensei told his parents that their son would never be a warrior. Senke's father was so infuriated that he drew steel on the fearsome bushi, and therefore Senke was banned from the Akodo school. Senke was trained in a minor Akodo dojo, showing he was unfocused and too hot-tempered for the Akodo's Technique. [1]

War of Fire and Snow Edit

When the Lion began their war with the Dragon Clan, during the Dragon-Phoenix War, Senke found his center as last, proving his skill on the battlefield. When the Lion Clan Champion Matsu Nimuro moved the bulk of his clan against the Tsuno, [1] Senke supported the decision. [2] The attack of Shiba Aikune to his former allies left a small Lion army stranded and surrounded in Phoenix lands. Senke managed to rally the Lion troops behind him. [1]

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