Akodo Senichi 
Akodo Senichi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1172 
Spouse: Unnamed wife 
Children: Unnamed son

Akodo Senichi was a bushi and a deathseeker of the Lion Clan.

Toshi Ranbo Edit

In 1160 Senichi was at Toshi Ranbo when the city was relinquised by the Crane Clan to the Lion. [1]

First death Edit

Senichi became dishonored when he fell by the drink and his own fears. He killed his own son when drunk, and became a deathseeker to clean his stain. He was a walking dead, and considered he had already died. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

Second death Edit

In 1172 Senichi fought in the Destroyer War and died, his "second" time. His soul came to the Realm of Thwarted Destiny, and Sanzo met him between the mist of the realm. Senichi was sent again to Ningen-do, because his destiny had not been fulfilled. [1] Senichi found the Gohei's Daisho lying beside him shortly after he awoke from the strange dream. [2]

Third death Edit

Senichi appeared in the night near his unit. He saw a Lion guardian post not in his place, which could only meant he had been killed by a foe. Senichi cried out, advising the Lion camp about the enemy, and charged against one of the Destroyers with elephantine head that rose near the guard post. [1] When Senichi ultimately died, Matsu Sasake took the blades. [2]

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