Akodo Sarasa (III) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165

Akodo Sarasa was bushi of the Lion Clan possessed by her father becoming a mindless killing spirit.

Father Edit

Her father was a bushi who was dishonored in battle for unseemly brutality. He was killed by bandits when Sarasa was very young. He was in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate as a returned spirit. In the War of Spirits he fought for the Steel Chrysanthemum and died a second time. [1]

Vengenful Spirit Edit

The soul of her father did not rest after death. Sarasa was possessed by him and became a serial killer. She came to the Crab lands and made nine murders over the course of five months at Friendly Traveler Village. The last one was Yasuki Nuroka, the cousin of the local magistrate, Yasuki Takei. Takei arrived in time to see Nuroka's murderer, but he could not see Sarasa's face and after a brief, she escaped. [2]

Death at Ryoko Owari Edit

Sarasa went to Ryoko Owari and continued with the murdering, killing five more. Sarasa had been tracked by Takei, and he reached Sarasa in an inn when Takei expected she could attack again. Takei appeared in the chamber shortly after she had taken the life of Doji Takasu. Sarasa tried to fled but the magistrate had put spirit wards that blocked her exit way through the window. They fought, rolled and brake the window, the two of them tumbled forward off the roof and fell to the street, dying Sarasa, and also Takei shortly after. [1]


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