Akodo Samune 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 522 
Parents: Un-named Akodo,
Un-named Ikoma

Akodo Samune was a bushi duelist of the Lion Clan.

Childhood Edit

Due to his short stature Samune was bullied by larger boys during his childhood. In one of these events Samune struck a ferocious blow killing his tormentor. His sensei, Akodo Minobe, took reponsibility of Samune and trained him in kenjutsu, until he became an accomplished duelist. [1]

First Rise of Iuchiban Edit

During a winter court the Emperor was impressed by Samune and appointed him as Imperial Guardsman. Two weeks later the infamious Iuchiban rose and attack Otosan Uchi. Samune proved his worthy defending the Imperial Palace of the Maho-tsukai's undead horde. His sensei eventually would trap the Heartless. [1]

Death Edit

Samune lived out his days as Emperor's personal bodyguard. He died in the year 522 [1] and his funeral was presided by the famous monk Gorinno, at the request of the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Kento himself. [2]


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