Akodo Sadahige 
Akodo Sadahige 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Hideo

Akodo Sadahige was a bushi and tactician of the Lion Clan.

Family Edit

Sadahige was son of Hideo who fought in Toturi's Army before he became an Akodo. [1]

Shogun's Supporter Edit

Sadahige was at the command of the Shogun, Akodo Kaneka. [2]

Braggart Edit

Akodo Sadahige 2

Akodo Sadahige

Sadahige once was seen as a braggart, [3] but years of battle have mellowed his conceit and sharpened his skill. [4]

Gunso Edit

Akodo Sadahige was a gunso in the third Akodo Legion, stationed at the seventh border outpost, in the Lion-Crane border at the command of Isawa Tekkan. [2]

Hitsu Taekeru Edit

In 1166 the Lion patrols were attacked, and it seemed they came from a small Crane city, Hitsu Taekeru. His charge Akodo Tekkan ordered to seize it in order to mantain the safety of the Lion side. It was clearly a dangerous decision that could lead to start again the Blood feud between both Clans. [2]

City Stalker Edit

The things did not happened as expected. There were no Crane bushi guarding the city, all have been killed by the villagers in 1165 after the Rain of Blood had tainted the samurai. Soon a serie of murdering began, and Tekkan was one of the murdered. Sadahige took command waiting orders. When Akodo Ieshige, the hero of the Fires of Toshi Ranbo, appeared, Sadahige quickly passed to him the command of the city. [2]

Aftermath Edit

Ikoma Kusari, an Ieshige's officer, took command of the city until his wedding with Doji Domotai, heir of the Crane. The city became Lion after the marriage, as a gift from the Crane. This politic movement attempted to avoid an uprising of the peasants. The heimin were secretly managed by Yajinden, who was at the city ordering the attacks and assassinations. [2] Sadahige was stationed underneath Akodo Bakin. [5]

War of Silk and Steel Edit

In 1167 Sadahige made several admirable performances against the Dragon Clan while aiding the Crane during the War of Silk and Steel. [5]

Daitan Edit

This year the Jade Champion, Asahina Sekawa, gifted to Sadahige with the Lotus Sword of the Lion, Daitan. [5]

Supporting the Crane Edit

Sadahige was a Legion Commander of the Akodo Army under the command of Akodo Bakin. [6] In 1168 they began a campaign against bandits in the southern phoenix provinces. After they took care of the problem Akodo Shigetoshi called them back to help bolster the Dragon border supporting their crane allies in the War of Silk and Steel. Bakin and Akodo Sadahige met Daidoji Gempachi, gunso of the Crane army. The combined forces ambushed and defeated the enemy deep in the Dragon territory. [7]

March to Shiro Moto Edit

Bakin and Sadahige fought the Unicorn Clan during the march to Shiro Moto. Sadahige alongside the ronin Kensaki joined Akodo Hachigoro's unit. He did not noticed the embarrasement of Matsu Fumiyo, a young samurai-ko who was fond of him. They had to scout the small village of Watarimono. They confirmed it had been abandoned by the Unicorn to avoid the death of the peasants living there. Kensaki disobeyed a direct order from his longtime friend and superior Bakin and was executed. [8]

Sneak attack Edit

In winter 1169 Sadahige saved the life of the command group of the Lion army at Watarimono and readied the Lion army against a Unicorn sneak attack. Matsu Fumiyo arrived to save Sadahige's life, and Bakin thanked his bravery. [1]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 during the War of Dark Fire reinforcements for Battle of Shiro Mirumoto led by Shigetoshi arrived too late to aid the Dragon. They found that although Shiro Mirumoto had taken tremendous damage, the Dragon Clan Champion Mirumoto Kei had driven off the invaders. This victory was short lived, as instead of retreating, the invaders went around Shiro Mirumoto and assaulted Shiro Tamori instead. [9] Several phalanx units were sent to defend Tetsu Kama Mura. [10]

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