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Akodo Rokuro 
Akodo Rokuro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1168

Akodo Rokuro was a bushi and tactician of the Lion Clan.

Governor Edit

Akodo Rokuro 2

Governor Rokuro

Rokuro, a graduate of the Akodo Tactical School, showed his keen mind at negotiating and his willingness to engage with courtiers. [1] In 1160 Rokuro was the governor of Toshi Ranbo, appointed by the Lion Clan Champion Matsu Nimuro, because of his loyalism and cool pragmatism. [2] Rokuro was instrumental in planning many of the structural improvements to make it the new Imperial City. When the final preparations were complete, Nimuro recalled Rokuro to Shiro Matsu to serve on his command staff. [1]

Lion Clan Champion Advisor Edit

Naseru Supporter Edit

Rokuro was at Ryoko Owari at command of Toturi Naseru when the Shogun Akodo Kaneka besieged the city. [3]

Opinion about Enlightenment Edit

Discipline was all that matters. A samurai's duty was to act without question. Akodo Rokuro did not require understanding, he did not require harmony, peace with the Elements, or Enlightenment. All anyone should require was a lord to serve and a blade to carry in his name. [4]

Ikoma Otemi Edit

In 1168 Rokuro was part of the command staff of the Lion Champion Ikoma Otemi, at the time of the War of Silk and Steel and the skirmishes against the Unicorn prior to the Khan's Defiance. [5]

Death Edit

Rokuro was stationed at Shiranai Toshi when the was known as Winter of Red Snows broke, and his forces were slaughtered, including him. [1]

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