Akodo Rikimaru was a yojimbo of the Lion Clan.

Yojimbo Edit

Rikimaru was in charge of a courtier appointed in the Imperial Court. Shortly after the Return of the Ki-Rin his charge entered in a disagreement with an Ide Diplomat. They were direct, speaking forthrightly in their travel abroad, which went directly at odds with the Rokugani customs of couching every word with hidden meanings. Rikimaru's charge issued a challenge, to be dealt by the two courtier's yojimbo. [1]

Retirement Edit

Rikimaru faced Shinjo Zhenyo, and mocked his opponent's stance, who unsweated his katana before the duel began, as it was usual in the Unicorn combat style. Zhenyo was killed in the ensuing duel, but not before he managed to wound Rikamaru. The Unicorn had earned respect from Rikimaru who decided to retire as a monk, to never face another warrior in a duel. [1]

Death Edit

Rikimaru's personal writings on the nature of the Unicorn Clan and the Great Clans were published posthumously. Rikimaru's Words, as the collection was named, was considered a rare gem in Lion literature. [1]


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