Akodo Odawara was a minor daimyo of the Lion Clan. In 1199 his clan waged a war with the Scorpion Clan, forcing him to raise the taxes. The local peasantry suffered, and they began to hide their crops. Two of his samurai were slain when they were seeking the hidden rice, and a large number of peasants were executed in retribution. The Emerald Magistrate Ikoma Kiyomako was sent to investigate, and forced to flee the ronin bandit gang who had slain Odawara's men. She brought to justice the resident monk, Taizu, who had persuaded the ronin to conceal rice for the peasants, and it was the monk who told the peasants they were right to resist their lord's taxes. Kiyomako suggested Odawara might wish to open some of his personal stores this winter, allowing his peasant to survive. [1]


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