Akodo Nakama 
Akodo Nakama 
Born: Unknown 
Spouse: Akodo Nariko 
Titles: Governor

Akodo Nakama was a bushi and tactician of the Lion Clan.

Early Years Edit

The boy that would become Nakama was brought to the Castle of the Swift Sword to begin training for his gempukku. He was awed by the castle and vowed that one day he would stand among those defending the castle, or die in the attempt. His single- minded devotion to this goal, combined with his gregariouS and compassionate nature, earned him many allies among the Akodo even before he experienced his gempukku. [1]

Station Edit

Nakama served with the Imperial Legions. He learned patience, and witnessed firsthand the usefulness of political as well as martial abilities. He served with the Emerald Magistrates as wel, gaining much glory for helping crush several Bloodspeaker cells. [1]

Province Governor Edit

In time, he rose in rank and was appointed the Daimyo of Hayai Province, the province that contained his beloved Castle of the Swift Sword. The years since have been difficult, but he has never shirked his duty, and never wished for any other life. [1] He could normally be found at Shiro sano Ken Hayai, either in the castle or at the adjoining dojo. In his absence he was represented by Akodo Katsumoto. [2] Nakama lamented the loss of his former position as taisa in the Akodo Army. [3]

Married Edit

Nakama married Akodo Nariko. [4]

Emerald Championship Edit

Nakama was one of the contenders of the Emerald Championship in 1169. [1]

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