Akodo Miyawa 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Akodo Usako

Akodo Miyawa was a tactician of the Lion Clan and the Shireki Plain's Lord.

Training Edit

Miyawa was taught by Akodo Jigo in the Akodo War College, making him a cunning tactician. [1]

Attacked by the Shimizu Edit

Miyawa was attacked by Shimizu Otori in 911, [2] and Miyawa's legendary tactical skills could not even be overcome by Otori's oni-enhanced forces. The two forces were drawn into a war that would last a decade. [1]

Shimizu destruction Edit

Otori's own son, Shimizu Ohoshi, exposed his family as oni servants, but the Lion waited six years until he came to an age, and Ohoshi took the name Akodo Giri. In 927 Giri led the Lion army that slaughtered the Shimizu family to a man. Hiywa married his daughter Akodo Usako to him. [3]


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