Akodo Mitsuyuki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 401 
Titles: Lion Clan Champion

Akodo Mitsuyuki was the weak Lion Clan Champion during the rise of the first Gozoku.

Demeanor Edit

Mitsuyuki was seen as a weak and ineffectual samurai. [1]

Emperor blames on the Lion Edit

In 375 the Emperor Hantei Kusada led the Imperial Legions to aid the Crab in its duty agains the Shadowlands. Fujiwa accused the Crane and Lion of weakening the Crab through political attacks, so he mandated fierce reprisals against them. [2] Mitsuyuki, a man of honor and serenity, accepted the Emperor's insults without complaint. [3]

Raise of the Gozoku Edit

Fujiwa surrendered to the political strength of the Gozoku, and he was forced to issue an Imperial Edict which made many samurai ronin. Among those disgraced was the Matsu Daimyo, Matsu Mochihime. [4] Mitsuyuki decided to be quiet, instead to openly oppose the puppet Emperor, which would inevitably follow into war. The Gozoku conspiracy kept the Lion at bay. [5]

Death Edit

Mitsuyuki died in 401 with no heirs and Matsu Itagi was chosen as the new Champion. [6]


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Preceded by:
Lion Clan Champion
? - 401
Succeeded by:
Matsu Itagi

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