Akodo Minobe was an Imperial Guardsman who aided the magistrate Soshi Takasho in uncovering the plot by Iuchiban and his Bloodspeakers to reanimate the bodies within the Imperial Crypts. Their actions led directly to the Battle of Stolen Graves in 510. [1]

Sensei Edit

Minobe was the sensei of younger Akodo, teaching them kenjutsu and the tenets of Bushido. [2]

Battle of Stolen Graves Edit

Iuchiban had raised a zombie army within Otosan Uchi and sent them against the Imperial Palace. The undead were unaffected by most of the blows they suffered, and were supported by Maho-tsukai. Minobe, standing at the vanguard of the Guardsmen quickly discovered the zombies' invulnerability ended at decapitation, and began to dispatch them. Iuchiban's forces were driven back towards the temple where their master awaited. [3]

Assaulting the Heartless Edit

Minobe was the first to breach the temple's defenses and before the Heartless could use his maho the Lion stabbed him with a spear. With Iuchiban down, the battle was won and the animated corpses were returned to their graves. [3]

Aftermath Edit

Minobe was hailed as a hero and served the Emerald Champion. In time, Minobe retired from active duty and returned home, where he served as a hatamoto to the Lion Clan Champion and unofficial leader of the Lion magistrates. [4]

Memorial Edit

A memorial was built in the Hojize district to honor his memory. [5]


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