Please note: This article is about the Lion Clan Champion who was given the Bloodsword Revenge. For other uses of the term, please see Meikuko (disambiguation).
Akodo Meikuko 
Akodo Meikuko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 509 
Titles: Lion Clan Champion

Akodo Meikuko was the Lion Clan Champion who was given the Bloodsword Revenge by Asahina Yajinden in 508.

Demeanor Edit

Meikuko was a woman with a reputation as a cool and levelheaded general. [1]

Bloodsword Edit

In 509, a year after she got the bloodsword Meikuko reacted violently to a casual statement by a Togashi monk, [2] Togashi Moho, personal advisor of the Emperor Hantei XI. [3] The Ise Zumi was challenged by the Lion Champion and died in the ongoning duel. The Dragon replied by quietly leaving the city. Taking the act as an insult to the Emperor whom she served and led 20'000 Lion soldiers in an attack on Togashi Mountain. [1]

Death Edit

The winter battle that followed was named Red Snow Battle, and only two-thousand of the soldiers survived. Meikuko took her own life with the sword outside the gates of Shiro Mirumoto. Her name would afterwards be synonymous with "mistake" among the Lion. [2] [4] In death, her soul was bound as a Yokai to the Bloodsword Revenge. [5]

Legacy Edit

Before she committed seppuku Meikuko was allowed to tell Ikoma Sekumi the truth. He depicted 'Meikoku's Mistake' in The Seppuku of Akodo Meikuko. The name of the Lion's Champion would be never used again. [6]


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Preceded by:
Lion Clan Champion
? - 509
Succeeded by:

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"Bloodspeakers" page 27, "Secrets of the Lion" page 80, and "Magic of Rokugan" page 81 claims Meikuko family name was Matsu. --Oni no Pikachu (talk) 10:27, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

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