Akodo Kobi 
Akodo Kobi 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Master Roc

Akodo Kobi was a tactician bushi of the Lion Clan and Master Roc of the Kolat conspiracy.

Training Edit

Kobi was one of the favored students of former Akodo Daimyo Akodo Ginawa. [1]

Station Edit

War of the Rich Frog Edit

Kobi fought in the War of the Rich Frog, [1] a shireikan of the Akodo Army. [2]

Two-War Front Edit

The Khan Moto Chagatai was seeking a covert path to Toshi Ranbo and sent an expeditionary force that was crushed by Yoshino and Ikoma Fujimaro's forces in 1168. The Lion Clan Champion sent Matsu and Ikoma forces to strengthen their western border and Akodo Shigetoshi would lead the Akodo joining the Crane against the Dragon aided by Kobi. [3] The Lion saved the day to the Crane in the Dragon Heart Plain [4] near the Dragonfly River. [5]

Yojimbo Edit

Kobi was appointed as yojimbo of the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Shigetoshi and shireikan of the Akodo army. [6]

Protector of the Imperial City Edit

Kobi was quiet, reserved and virtually unknown within the Imperial City. Her service record was without a blemish. Few knew her, but recommendations from both Ikoma Otemi and Doji Domotai, the Crane Clan Champion, cast her in a considerably favorable light for the position as Protector of the Imperial City. [1] Finally Bayushi Norachai was appointed to the charge. [7]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1172 Kobi attended the Empress' audience representing Shigetoshi, where the Great Clans were given new Imperial Charters. The Lion and Unicorn Clan would join the Crab on holding back the forces of the Shadowlands and of Jigoku. [6]

Master Roc Edit


Kobi, Master Roc

Faked Death Edit

Kobi faked her death in 1173 before the end of the Destroyer War, [8] and she [9] was eventually chosen as the new Master Roc in the Kolat conspiracy. [10]

Recruiting new Agents Edit

In 1199 Kobi attempted to recruit Akodo Tsanuko, daughter of one of her former students, Akodo Masaya. She refused and committed seppuku shortly after for family matters. [11]

Preceded by:
Master Roc
(c. 1199) - Present
Succeeded by:

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