Akodo Kentsu was an officer of the Lion Clan who rebuilt the Dojo of a Hundred Stances.

Dojo Ruins Edit

Kentsu and his patrol where looking where attempting to extend the reach of his clan by revisiting previously unexploited regions. In a desolate plain he found the burned ruins of the Hundred Stances Dojo, and found some of the Hundred Stances scrolls, the teachings of Oshiro, founder of the Hundred Stances style, and his follower, Bayushi Sawao, who further developed this kenjutsu style. [1]

Sensei Edit

Kentsu studied the Hundred Stances and Sawao's observations on them, trying to fill the holes of the missing scrolls. Then he began teaching the Stances to his men in the rebuilt dojo. The Lion Clan started sending promising students to the dojo, further improving its reputation and value. [2]

Secret Exposed Edit

For years the Lion secretely trained new students on this new edge for their kenjutsu training. Eventually one of its graduates, Akodo Hitsuko, defeated a Crane in a kenjutsu duel at the Imperial Winter Court. She was soon manipulated by Crane courtiers, and thus the world learned of the Hundred Stances dojo. Other clans began to claim Oshiro as one of his own, and his teachings, being the Scorpion which had the strongest claim to the Dojo, as Sawao had been the original builder of the dojo. [2]

Death Edit

Kentsu died while fighting a Scorpion army sent to lay claim of the dojo by force. After Mantis and Phoenix also intevened in the fight, an arbitration of the Seppun family was accepted. Seppun Akentsu set the dojo under direct Imperial administration. [3]


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