Akodo Ikawa 
Akodo Ikawa 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123 
Parents: Shosuro Ikawa,
un-named Akodo 
Siblings: Shosuro Ikawa (half)

Akodo Ikawa was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Family Edit

Unknown to Ikawa he was the son of a Shosuro diplomat who had been sent to spy upon the Lion, and had had an affair with an Akodo woman. The diplomat had returned to Scorpion lands shortly after his affair was consummated, never realizing she had borne him a son. Ikawa's Scorpion and Lion sons were born on the same day, spending his childhood ignorant of the other, and each took his father's name at his gempukku. [1]

Father's death Edit

The elder Ikawa was driven mad by the Lying Darkness and murdered his former Akodo lover. The half-brothers joined together on a mission of justice. [1] Ikawa and his half brother Shosuro Ikawa, united and hunted their father down in 1119. The two men did not part on good terms. They did not know the diplomat's action had been driven by the Lying Darkness. [2]

Death Edit

Ikawa had a private estate at Otosan Uchi. [3] The two brothers met again in 1123, during the Scorpion Coup. [2] There they saluted each other, drew their swords, and killed each other with a single sword stroke, [1] falling on the day the Scorpion's coup was broken. Ikawa died as he had lived, lost in a battle rage, and surrounded on all sides by the corpses of his enemies. [4]

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