Akodo Ikare 
Akodo Ikare 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1120 
Spouse: Akodo Miko 
Children: Akodo Ujide

Akodo Ikare was the commanding officer of Kenson Gakka.

Family Edit

Ikare was married to Akodo Miko, [1] and they had a son, Akodo Ujide. [2]

Demeanor Edit

Ikare was a likeble man, good to his men and courtous to the civilian. He was a great military leader. [3]

Death Edit

Ikare was killed in 1120 by a minion of the Lying Darkness, who replaced him with a Shosuro imposter. [4]

Scorpion plot Edit

The Scorpion devised a plan to retake Kenson Gakka, Humility's Lesson, lost to them six centuries before. They sent Bayushi Sozui, unknown she had been already consumed by the shadows becoming a servant of the Lying Darkness. Sozuki killed Ikare and the replacement claimed his son had disappeared. In his seek the Lion garrison attacked the nearby monastery of Yaruki Jukko, who was being visited by Crane monks. [5] The Scorpion hoped to exploit the affair to recapture the city from the Lion, but ultimately their attempt was a failure. [4]

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