Akodo Hifune was a bushi who lived during the Dawn of the Empire. [1]

Dishonored Soul Edit

Hifune failed to accept an honorable challenge, fleeing from a superior opponent in shame. After his death Hifune's ghost spent eternity presenting the lesson to others in Toshigoku. [1]

Legacy of the Forge Edit

In 1122 Hifune was one of the toshi who were dragged to Ningen-do by Bayushi Sozui and Kitsu Goden, to raise tensions between Crane and Lion through the Legacy of the Forge. Hifune possessed an Akodo duelist at Shiro sano Ken Hayai and goaded another bushi for a Iaijutsu duel to death. The bushi accepted, and Hifune released his host, saying the words "You have learned well the way of Heaven", the way Hifune did not follow in life. [1]


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