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Akodo Hatsu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Provincial Daimyo

Akodo Hatsu was a Provincial Daimyo of the Lion Clan endebted to Mirumoto Turan. Hatsu sent troops, including Akodo Godaigo and Matsu Hitomi, to aid Turan agaisnt his enemies. [1]

Indebted to the Dragon Edit

In 438 Hatsu attended winter court at Kyuden Bayushi. He committed a serious brech of etiquette which was diminished by the timely intervention of Mirumoto Turan, a neighboring provincial daimyo of the Dragon. In turn Hatsu found himself deeply indebted to Turan. [2]

Dragon-Crab War Edit

In 440 during a provincial winter court hosted by Hatsu, an argument ensued by Turan over trade imbalances with Yasuki Hiroaki, led to the Crab courtier's ejection from the court. The Crab reacted declaring the Dragon-Crab War for the slight. Turan called Hatsu on his favor, who sent a Lion legion led by Matsu Masaru and Akodo Godaigo. Masaru's sister, Matsu Hitomi, swore she would complete any task Turan set to her. [3]

Hitomi's Betrayal Edit

After the death of Masaru in 441, Hitomi took command, achieving victory against the Crab, who sued for peace. Turan took advantage of Hitomi's vows to him and requested her to take a Lion castle on his behalf. The keep was under command of Hitomi's lover, which led her to kill Turan in duel and fled as a ronin. The shame of conflict between allies, however, caused Hatsu to order Akodo Godaigo to hunt down and execute Matsu Hitomi, which he achieved at Toshi no Omoidoso. Peace was signed between Dragon and Lion. [4]


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