Akodo Godaigo 
Akodo Godaigo 
Born: 410 
Died: Unknown

Akodo Godaigo was the former lover of Matsu Hitomi, and was tasked with the capture of Hitomi after she killed the Mirumoto Daimyo Mirumoto Turan.

Birth Edit

Godaigo was born in 410. [1]

Godaigo and Hitomi Edit

Akodo Godaigo and Matsu Hitomi were serving Akodo Hatsu, a provincial daimyo endebted to Mirumoto Turan. To resolve this debt Hatsu sent troops, including Godaigo and Hitomi, to help him against Turan's enemies in the Dragon-Crab War. In her passion, Hitomi swore to follow every order from Turan. [2] [3]

Crab sue for Peace Edit

A Crab army led by Hiruma Tatsuya crossed Beiden Pass in 441, engaging the combined enemy forces. Matsu Masaru, Hitomi's brother and Lion commnder, died in the fight. The command was taken by Hitomi who defeated Tatsuya. The Crab withdrew and returned back through the pass, but they were chased and eventually Tatsuya was forced to sue for peace. Hitomi returned triumphant. [4]

Dragon turn on Lion Edit

Turan was an unscrupulous samurai, and turned on his former Lion allies. [4] He tasked Hitomi with capturing a fortress under the command of Godaigo. Hitomi refused, disgracing the Lion by breaking her vow to Turan. [5] Hitomi killed Turan and fled, going into hiding. Godaigo was tasked with her capture. [3]

Uragiri's betrayal Edit

Akodo Godaigo's corrupted lieutenant, Kitsu Uragiri, convinced him that Hitomi was a criminal and a traitor and that they should use any method to track her down, including maho [6] and the cursed Kenshin's Helm, which he passed to Godaigo. [4] Uragiri used his maho to find Hitomi and cursed her, causing her fatal illness at City of Remebrance. When Godaigo realized what Uragiri had done, it was too late. The city had mostly been destroyed by a maho plague and Godaigo was himself tainted. [5] [6]

Hitomi's curse Edit

Before dying, Matsu Hitomi cursed Godaigo. [5]

"You will find no honorable death, betrayer! You will be cursed to walk the earth forever, without death as you are without honor!"

Before Godaigo vanished, he gave the Kenshin's Helm to the Miya. [7]

Castle of the Faithful Bride Edit

Knowing that the taint would eventually overcome him, Godaigo converted his holdings, and started the construction of the Castle of the Faithful Bride, as a monument to Hitomi. The construction started exactly one year after her death, and Godaigo oversaw the consruction long enough to be assured that it would be completed properly, before he disappeared. [5]

The Neverending Hunt Edit

Godaigo became a ronin rather than live with his disgrace, and set out to find and kill Uragiri. Godaigo then disappeared into the Shadowlands at one point, but Kitsu Sodan Senzo confirmed later that even though his spirit had been tainted, it had not been lost. [6]

For centuries, Godaigo and Uragiri pursued each other, seeking the other's demise. Godaigo's curse and taint prevented him from dying, living in a state beyond death. [5]

12th Century Edit

Traitor's Grove Edit

In 1127 Godaigo moved to the Traitor's Grove, in the desolated Scorpion lands. There he alongside a group of samurai defeated a spawn of Uragirimono. The samurai were following the trail of Miya Yumi, who for her own reasons, was seeking the Kenshin's Helm. The Helm was in the possession of one of Uragirimono's greater spawn, hidden within the Phoenix lands. [8]

Toturi's Army Edit

There were those who said he was condemned to walk the earth forever, denied honor, denied rest, denied even death. He was a symbol of all betrayers, and remembered only for his crime against Hitomi, not the victories of his life. [9] Sometime during the 12th century Godaigo sought out Toturi and joined his army seeking atonement. [10]

War Against Shadow Edit

Godaigo was beside Emperor Toturi I during the War Against Shadow, and he followed Empress Toturi Kaede after his death in 1133. [11]

Godaigo's Final Fate Edit

His final fate was unknown, although some claimed he finally achieved true death during the time of the War of Spirits. [12] Godaigo was a symbol of all of betrayers, a dark stain on the honor of the Lion, and only remembered for his crime against Hitomi. [1]

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Akodo Godaigo

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