Please note: This article is about the fourth son of Shimizu Otori, and destroyer of the corrupted Shimizu. For other uses of the term, please see Giri(disambiguation).
Akodo Giri 
Born: 911 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Shimizu Otori,
Shimizu Riko 
Siblings: Three un-named brothers 
Spouse: Akodo Usako

Akodo Giri was born Shimizu Ohoshi, the fourth son of the Shimizu Daimyo Shimizu Otori and his wife Shimizu Riko.

Birth Edit

In 911 [1] in the beginning of his father's war against Akodo Miyawa, Ohoshi's mother, Riko, was sent away from the families lands, and Ohoshi was born away from the conflict, in the Akodo lands. [2]

Heart of a Lion Edit

Having already begun his training as a bushi with the Akodo family with whom he was staying for the decade since his birth, Ohoshi had taken the teachings of duty and honor to heart, although his parents didn't realize this untill it was too late. Even at his young age, Ohoshi could sense there was something wrong with his parents, and he crept into the sub-chambers of the palace at night. What he found terrified him, as he witnessed his entire family engaging in the ritualized giving of blood unto an oni. [2]

Tamayu no Oni Edit

Five generations ago Tamayu no Oni had bargained with the Shimizu Daimyo at that time, Shimizu Tamayu, and the family had been subjugated by the oni's will. All the infants had been nursed with tainted milk and prayers to Fu Leng. Ohoshi was the only Shimizu who escaped this fate since. [3]

Ohoshi left that night, and walked the 50 miles to the Akodo who has been his teachers and friends all his life. [2]

Dark Revelations Edit

Young Ohoshi told his hosts everything he had seen. The Akodo wanted to march out that night to slaughter the Shimizu, but they were stopped by Ohoshi. The young samurai claimed the right of blood feud, for the Shimizu had stolen his family's honor and his future and sacrificed them to the oni. The Akodo relented and waited to make their attack.

Six years later, Akodo Giri had just had his gempukku when he was the leader of a great Lion Clan army. They marched upon the holdings of the Shimizu family, slaughtering them to the last man, and burning their holdings to the ground aided by Kitsu magic. Akodo Giri claimed the lands and erected his own castle upon the ruins of the castle of his former family, marrying Miyawa's daughter, Akodo Usako. [4]


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