Akodo Gensei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 5th century

Akodo Gensei was a chui of the Lion Clan Army.

Battle Edit

Gensei was under Matsu Radeki's command when their Daibutai was traveling within Phoenix territory. A conflict began between the clans and the Lion were attacked this very night, and Radeki was killed in the first magical volley cast during the Battle of Three Stone River. [1]

Death Edit

Gensei rallied his men and talked about surrender, but it was only a trick. Several shugenja had only partially concealed when they were struck down by the arrows he commanded to fire. The Phoenix retaliated and Gensei was immediately killed. [1]

River's name Edit

The river was named by three boulders, known by his own name, Radeki, and the name of other two officers who also died in combat, Radeki and Tenero. The stones could be only seen in summer when the river was at its lowest level. [2]


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