Akodo Fuso 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 716 
Titles: Lion Clan Champion

Akodo Fuso was the Lion Clan Champion and as Akodo Daimyo wielder of Junsui, the Ancestral Armor of the Lion. [1]

Battle of Cresting Wave Edit

Fuso was bitter over his clan's humiliation in the conflicts with the Dragon, and this weakness in his soul caused him to conspire with an oni in the Maw's army. [2] During the Battle of the Cresting Wave, the Lion supported the Crab against a Shadowlands assault. Fuso made a secret deal with a powerful Oni and promised to provide a means of getting through the Kaiu Wall. In return, the Oni offered to grant him unparalleled battle skills. The Dragon Clan foiled the intruders, but the Ancestral Armor of the Lion, Junsui, was already endowed by the demon with a new power. [1] Fuso was executed by his fellow Lion as a traitor. [2]

Preceded by:
Lion Clan Champion
? - 716
Succeeded by:


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